Hi and Welcome to Encouragement 4 Everyday Living. This space where I share my thoughts, concerns, insights, and experience with those who need to know that disappointment isn’t always, fear is fleeting, and hope can prevail. My name is Dionna Rojas Orta and like you I can use a shot of hope and inspiration when dealing with life’s small and large happenings. The two themes to this blog are hope and purpose. The idea is that my sharing everyday family life, work life, faith life, real life experiences will provide a sense of comfort that you are not alone in your experiences, laughter that no should take themselves to seriously, hope that in the end God always had a plan, and purpose God always had a plan. I know I said that twice but I think for both hope and purpose it is worth reminding.  Oh yeah about me well I am a pretty everyday average person. I love my family, profession, and my life in general however I had to learn some lessons along the way. My family life is full of surprises, challenges, noise, laughter, energy ( even though I have been called by my son chillax and my hubby wayyy laid back).

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